BioCLN/2 Basics

When to use BioCLN/2 Any time you come into contact with any person or inanimate object. New testing on cruise ships has shown this contamination can persist (live) up to 17 days on inanimate objects. That includes boxes and bags used to deliver goods to your home or business. A good habit to develop is to use BioCLN/2 morning, noon and night and always before you eat. Hands to face and mouth is now believed to be the #1 delivery mechanism of the contamination. Any direct contact with a person or inanimate object is sufficient to do a BioCLN/2 HDP. Hand Decontamination Protocol. How to use BioCLN/2 Protocol -Mist BioCLN/2 on hands until covered. Rub your hands together as you do when you wash them for at least 60 seconds. 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand… That’s the minimum time required for the contamination to be eliminated. Wash your hands vigorously with warm soapy water to remove the residual BioCLN/2 and the contaminates. Rinse thoroughly with warm, then cold water. The cold water closes skin pores. Some will add to this protocol their fav hand lotion to condition skin.


5 Point Protection

5 Point Protection When exposed to other persons, particularly in a closed environment there are 5 Points of protection necessary for basic shielding from the contamination. The contamination can penetrate the body thru any mucus membrane. Mouth, nose, eyes, ears and wounds in skin . Minimum shielding protection then requires; 1 & 2. Mouth and nose shielding; A correctly applied medical grade face guard. Guards designed for dust are for larger particles and do not provide protection against contamination particulates. 3. Eye Coverage; Disposable plastic glasses cover a greater portion of the eyes and offer superior shielding. 4. Ears in Zone 3 environments where contact is emanate ear shielding plugs are valuable. 5. Hands; nitrate medical grade disposable gloves are the first choice for shielding hands from contaminates. Also valuable is Bio Hazard Waste bags for proper disposal of all contaminated materials. Required by Federal Law. Contents of The MyFluShield Grab & Go Bag; 2-Medical grade face guards. 2- Disposable Eye Guards, 2 sets Ear Shields, 12- Nitrile gloves, 4 oz BioCLN/2 w/ fiber wipes, 3- Bio Hazard Disposal Bags


Effective Hand Washing


How to wear a face guard


How to apply and remove a Face guard


Ear Plug Care and Use