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Don't Be a Prisoner at Home

Proper use of the MyFluShield PPG Kits plus BioCLN/2 gives you the freedom to go out to work, go to the store, and make those necessary errands to keep you and your loved ones well equipped for the necessities of every day life. Delivery services are already struggling to keep up with demand falling hours and even days behind schedules. Delivery drivers are also exposed, along with the food and products they are delivering to high risk situations without even the minimum of Approved Protection Protocols. MyFluShield PPG Kits provide the latest in CiDiC and EiPiA recommended products and protocols.


Complete Easy to Use Kits

MyFluShield 5 Point ProtectionTM for 1 or 2 adults.
Each complete Kit includes: 2- Medical grade face guards , covering Nose and mouth, 2- Eye Guard Glasses, covering eyes, 8- Nitrile gloves, hands, and 4- Ear plugs, ear canals. Bonus items in MyFluShieldiKits; 12-Reconditioning Swabs, used for reconditioning to allow reuse,
1-4oz Travel Spray bottle of BioCLN/2  with 25 Decontaminating wipes,
BioCLN/2's  EiPiA listed ingredients kill 99.99% of of contaminates continuously for up to 24 hours!
Plus 2- Bio Hazard Disposal bags for proper disposal, Complete Detailed Instructions "How To Use" tab above. Starting at $24.99

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Cloth Masks Hazards

HOW IS THE CDC WRONG AGAIN? a. Cloth masks absorbs virus contaminates and HOLDS them. b. Cloth masks holds the virus contaminates DIRECTLY AGAINST YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH were you spend all day breathing them. c. Cloth masks keeps the virus contaminates in DIRECT CONTACT with your nose and mouth for the entire time you wear the mask. d. virus contaminates CANNOT be laundered out of cloth masks with conventional cleaning products e. Every day you put on a virus contaminated Cloth masks you are re-contaminating your body multiplying the chances to be infected. Bee Safe, Bee Smart, Be Sure, BioCLN/2 at

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First Responders Get Free PPG

 Besides a FREE gift for you, What we’re doing?
It’s for you to decide.
BioCLN/2 and People You Care for.
1. We lowered our prices on every CLEANBEE product February 01, 2020.
2. Every paid order we receive until June 01, 2020 will have a matching product donated to First Responders or active military in your name.
3. Police, fire and EMT and active military are our first priority.
4. The FREE gift for you. Every order going out, while supplies last, will include at least 1- FREE 4oz spray w/wipes in a separate sealed P.Y.C.F. (People You Care for) bag. Larger Kits may include 2. It’s entirely up to you what you do with your FREE gift but we’d like to make some suggestions.
Family First. Do you have a vulnerable family member that would be more secure with a cleaner environment?
Family/ friend/ Neighbor with limited resources that would appreciate the help? Assisted Living/ Retirement facility near you?
Small business owner looking for some help to create a healthy environment for their clients return?
1st Responder, nurses, medical professional having issues getting quality protection? Active military. Americas finest men and women. Do you have a local First Responder or active military you would like to name?
Please email us at [email protected] after you complete your order. Responses from recipients of the free product you pass along can be submitted to [email protected] and will be posted at  P Y C F.
Play it forward and unite our energy and efforts to get our great country back on her feet! Thank you and please Stay Safe! From all of us at NuPro Life Resources, Inc.


Hazardous Home Deliveries

Contamination Lasts Hours!

Hazardous Home Delivery's Fox News reporting the contamination can linger for hours and longer on and in the air around cardboard boxes used for food delivery as well as all types of shipping boxes. The BioCLN2 product can be sprayed directly on all types of containers and left for a minimum length of 1 up to the preferred 3 minutes. This protocol will effectively eliminate 99.97% of any contaminates present. Not for use on food but safe any other inanimate material.
 Bee Safe, Bee Smart, Be Sure, BioCLN/2 at


Major concerns over Alcohol disinfectants

Consumers will be disappointed if they dig deeper and find alcohol disinfectants are tested effective on BACTERIA. In plain English, alcohol based disinfectants may be useless to eliminate the current contamination. BioCLN2's active ingredient in is 56392-7 Sodium Hypochlorite is at the maximum concentrations listed by EiPiA for effective elimination of the contaminates.
Bee Safe, Bee Smart, Be Sure, BioCLN/2


Small Business Update

Important Legal Update RE: Re-opening;
The victims of the Human Corona Virus, (HCV) who survive may be permanently damaged and the list of known fatalities grows daily.
Lawyers are already lining up to file law suits against employers.
Shayna Jacobs, The Washington Post Published 3:19 pm PDT, Friday, May 1, 2020
First wave of virus litigations are filed; NEW YORK - Hundreds of lawsuits stemming from the coronavirus pandemic are rapidly amassing in state and federal courts… •
Wal-Mart, Amazon and others have already been sued. The list grows daily. • OSHA is currently overrun with employee complaints that may result in large fines and legal issues with business owners. • It is presently unknown if any business interference insurance will cover this specific legal action. They have not covered any closures due to HCV.
BE ADVISED; 97% of commercial disinfectants DO NOT KILL the HCV!
Ineffective disinfectants may invite legal action costing you thousands in legal fees. We offer everything you need to keep your employees and customers safe*.
1. All of this Professional Protection costs less that most will spend cleaning to reopen.
2. Getting your old customers back will depend on making them FEEL SAFE!
3. Our MyCleanBee professional displays will give them the assurance they need, and
4. Provide your business the legal firewall you want.